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Department For Education - Approved Phonics Teaching Programme
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Little steps to big results

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Phonics Steps is a DfE validated full Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programme which equips children with the necessary skills, knowledge and positive learning behaviours to become expert readers and writers.

'Little steps to big results' underpins the teaching and learning ethos of the programme, with learners accompanied on their journey by a range of relatable characters who understand, and experience with the children, the joy of learning to read and write.

Phonics Steps has been developed by South Farnham Educational Trust in partnership with phonics and early reading experts. Our schools have developed a highly effective Letters and Sounds approach over many years, with Phonics Screening Check results consistently amongst the top three per cent in the country. Phonics Steps is a synthesis of exemplary practice cultivated by expert teachers across many partner schools.

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