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About Us

About Us


Fully resourced programme with daily lesson plans and integrated digital resources covering Year R to Year 2, with supplementary pack available for nurseries teaching Phase 1 which has been validated by the DfE.

Clear progression augmented from 2007 Letters and Sounds guidance, directly matched to our decodable books publishing partner's exciting range of books. 

Training package to support all schools to implement the Phonics Steps programme, enabling schools to confidently ensure fidelity to the scheme in a simple and effective way.

Detailed guidance and further support materials to help support the most vulnerable pupils included as part of the main subscription, alongside resources to deepen and enrich learning of the more able and gifted pupils.

Exciting and engaging evidence-informed lessons which draw on the best of cognitive science including: dual coding, spaced practice, embedded retrieval and interleaving.

Every Phonics Steps lesson is carefully designed to be delivered in-person through direct teaching sessions and can easily be adapted for online delivery.


Phonics Steps has been developed by South Farnham Educational Trust in partnership with phonics and early reading experts. Our schools have developed a highly effective Letters and Sounds approach over many years, with Phonics Screening Check results consistently amongst the top three per cent in the country. Phonics Steps is a synthesis of exemplary practice cultivated by expert teachers across many partner schools.

Phonics Steps incorporates the latest guidance issued by the Department for Education as well as drawing on the latest research into how children learn best, how to ensure learning stays in children’s long term memory and how best to enable children to apply their learning to become highly competent readers.

The planned progression of the programme pulls together all this research and experience to provide optimum progress for all children.

As a leading Teaching School Hub, we value the importance of school-led collaboration to share best practice and improve outcomes for all children.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to publish the Phonics Steps programme and invite you to take your first step towards big results!

Sir Andrew Carter KBE

CEO South Farnham Educational Trust