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All subscriptions include:

Access to the full range of daily Phonics Steps lesson plans and integrated digital resources, including the Phonics Steps virtual characters

Detailed teacher guide and support materials to ensure progress in made through high-quality phonics provision for every child in every lesson

Full assessment guidance and assessment materials to guide and monitor progress across the programme, ensuring that every child learns to read

Access to an ever-growing online library of resources, both print and digital, to support with teacher development, teaching and learning, and remote delivery

Ongoing support and guidance from programme developers, authors and verified trainers     


Comprehensive guidance mapping a wide variety of highly engaging decodable books directly to each week's learning for all phases, available for purchase via our well-established and popular publishing partner

Regular enhancements to programme materials, including additional resources, in response to research and development updates


For further information about how Phonics Steps can ensure high-quality phonics provision in your school,  or to register your interest, please contact us.